Fly Tying Videos


Dave Allison ties the Animal Caddis Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the ParaHumpy Button Watch
Marty Howard ties the Purple and Starling, Purple Elk Hair Caddis, Skittering
Caddis, Green Drake and Marty’s Hopper.
Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the Burkus Baetis. Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the Paraloop Caddis Emerger. Button Watch
Peter Steen ties the Latex Caddis Pupae, Caddis Emerger and Goddard Caddis. Button Watch
Sam Swink ties the Green Drake, Flying Ant and Stonefly dry flies.  Button Watch
 Dave Allison ties the Royal Wally Wulff. Button Watch
 Roscoe Petroff ties Woven Body Stoneflies. Button Watch
Brian Berry ties the Whitefish streamer, Tommy’s Bugger and the Muddled Golden dry fly. Button Watch
 Dave Allison’s Instructions for the Film Critic. Button Watch
“Dr Z” ties the Weaponized Large Mouse, Weaponized Small Mouse and the Weaponized Red Lips Lisa Roosterfish flies. Button Watch
 Dave Allison ties the Soft Hackle Caddis. Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the Wally Wing Emerger. Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the Fire Ant. Button Watch
Larry Larsen ties the Chernobyl Ant, Double Bear Wing and  the Legendary Golden Stone. Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the ER Doc’s Flashback Nymph. Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the Wally Wing Midge. Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the Film Critic. Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the Low Riding Caddis. Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the Shakey Bealy. Button Watch
Casey Anderson ties the Booby, Popcorn Beetle and Balanced Leech. Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the PMD Cripple. Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the Banded Caddis Pupae. Button Watch
Dave Raisch ties the Blue Pill, Icy Manipulator, Caddis Pupa and Arnold Stonefly. Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the Moonlit Orange Humpy. Button Watch
Wes Johnson ties the Yellow Elk Hair Caddis, Water Boatman, Mohawk, Frenchie Variant, Baetis Nymph Variant and the Purple Haze. Button Watch
Christy Carlson ties the Cottonwood Special and the Vixen. Button Watch
Ken Burkholder ties the Trailing Shuck PMD, Pink Hackle Stacker, Callibaetis Wally Wing Spinner and the Bareback Rider. Button Watch
Larry Croft ties the Griffith’s Gnat, Ram Caddis, Ram Caddis Emerger, Missing Link and the Smoke Sparkle Minnow. Button Watch
Paul Shurtleff ties the CDC BWO, Soft Hackle, and the Stragglestring Czech Nymph. Button Watch
Sam Swink ties the D’Midge, Loop-Wing Baetis, Sam Stone and ET Midge. Button Watch
Mark Raisler ties the Buzzball, Carrey’s Special and the October Caddis. Button Watch
Curtis Fry ties the Muerto Midge, Lemon-Lime Chironomid and the Deep Flex Buzzer. Button Watch
Gilbert Rowley ties the Rowley Stone, Paycheck, Lickety Split and Two-Tone Surveyor Euro nymphing flies. Button Watch
Kelly Glissmeyer ties the Booty Shaker and the Parasol Emerger. Button Watch
Lance Egan ties the Red Dart, Frenchie, Pat’s Rubber Legs Stonefly variant and the Rainbow Warrior. Button Watch
Nick Teynor ties the Barr’s Emerger PMD, Split Case PMD and the Drake Emerger soft hackle. Button Watch
Austin Haacke ties the Crud Puff, Fraggle, demonstrates attaching a feather, and the Cray Dude carp flies. Button Watch
2017 Wasatch Expo Fly Tying. Button Watch
Mary Howard ties the Partridge and Orange, Partridge and Orange with a bead, Bumble, March Brown and the Half and Half swinging flies. Button Watch
Cheech Pierce ties the Cinnamon Toast Ant, Charlie Card’s Cicada, Purple Haze and the Butthead. Button Watch
Bob Swenson ties the OJ, Hare’s Ear Hot Hackle, RAM, Ghost Midge and Henry’s Crazy Leech for Yellowstone waters. Button Watch
Rick Ellis ties Tom’s Minnow, Brown Leech, Purple and Black Leech, Wally Wing, Parachute Madam X and the Hippie Stomper. Button Watch
Dave Tall ties the Skip Morris Panfish Fly, Foam Bass Popper, weed guard for bass flies, Bluegill Spider and Brett’s Foam Dragon. Button Watch
Boots Allen ties the Flavolina (Klinkhammer Drake) and the Quigley Cripple. Button Watch
Cam Coffin ties the $3 Dip, X-Caddis, Iris Caddis, Guide Dip and Sparkle Dun. Button Watch
Mike Dawkins ties the Double Down midge, Das Verm and the Black and Blue Chernobyl. Button Watch
John Schultz ties the RC Fly, Orange Blossom Special, Black and Purple Matuka, Manitoba Minnow, White Polar Bunny and the Angstrom 300/400 stillwater flies. Button Watch
Targhee Boss ties the Luscious Lilly and Green Bay Packer pike flies. Button Watch

Park City, Utah