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We purchased a 2020 membership for Crittenden Reservoir, a trophy trout and bass fishery located in nearby Nevada and about 220 miles northwest of Park City. Our membership allows paid HCFF members to fish the lake for $75 per day and guests of HCFF members to fish for $125 per day. (It would be cheaper to have your guests join HCFF.) Barbless flies and minimum 7-wt fly rods and 2X tippet are required so as not to stress the large fish. Primitive camping is free at the lake and motel lodging is available in Montello, Nevada, about 20 miles to the south.

Many club members stay at the Pilot Motel,  (775) 776-2428, in Montello, but primitive camping is available for free at the lake.

Reservations are required for both fishing and camping, and space is limited. Contact the Reservoir and Wildlife Manager, Allen Wilson, at (775) 776-2511 to make your reservation.

All rules of the Crittenden Social Club, LLC must be followed and a Release, Assumption of Risk and Indemnification Agreement must be signed for each visitor. Leave your payment and the signed Agreement on the windshield of your vehicle at the lake.

Paid HCFF members and their guests may fish Crittenden as often as they like throughout the year, but please let us know if you do so we can monitor usage and determine if this membership is a worthwhile use of Club funds. Just click the “I Fished” button and tell us about your trip.

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