Welcome to High Country Fly Fishers. We are a conservation-oriented fly fishing club located in beautiful Park City, Utah and we meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. at The Lodges at Deer Valley. Old friends and new members are always welcome, so drop by for good conversation, interesting programs and fish tales.

  • Many HCFF activities are canceled or postponed due to Covid-19, but some events are taking place with restrictions. Check the Calendar page for the latest schedule.
  • Crittenden Reservoir is open to HCFF members and guests for a fee. The Crittenden page has details.
  • Hey, we know you’re fishing, so don’t forget to send us photos for the website. If you have a picture of yourself holding a nice fish, we’ll post it in Fish Tales and if you have pictures of your fishy friends at an HCFF event, we’ll post them in the appropriate gallery. Instructions are on the Photos page under Media. Show us what you got!
Next Meeting
Date:Monthly Meetings  Canceled Until Further Notice
Location:The Lodges at Deer Valley     (map)
2900 Deer Valley Drive East
Suite 201
Park City, UT 84060
Program:Meeting Canceled

Prez Sez
Photo of HCFF President Eric Luna
High Country Fly Fishers was off to a banner year. We had successfully completed our Beginner Fly Tying Clinic, and hosted great speakers for our first three meetings, when, seemingly out of nowhere, our lives were put on hold.

We had to cancel the Wasatch Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Expo, cancel meetings until further notice, and postpone and/or restructure other programs to accommodate our new (hopefully short-term) reality.

There is good news, however.

First, and most importantly, all of our members have thus far remained healthy, including a few who have recovered from COVID-19.

Second, HCFF is continuing to sponsor quality programs for the local fly fishing community.

Our Women’s and Men’s Beginner Fly Fishing Clinics both sold out, and while we had to limit attendance, all had a great time nonetheless, and caught lots of fish.

HCFF’s Women’s and Men’s Fish Days are underway, and we are hopeful the beginners in the club will use them as opportunities to improve their skills and forge new friendships.

Our seasonal fishouts are underway as well.

Check the Calendar page for details on, and to sign up for, all events.

And last, HCFF now, more than ever, offers a supportive nonpolitical environment. In my years with the club, I have never witnessed a single thoughtless or inconsiderate act, and I am confident our members will continue to treat each other with respect and understanding.

We urge you to participate if you are comfortable doing so. If you are not quite ready, by all means, wait. We will provide email updates of our activities, so you will not be left out in the cold.

Tight lines,
Eric Luna

One final note: We know the government ordered shutdown has caused significant economic hardship for many. Please do not let financial struggles get in the way of your participating in High Country events. Just sign up as you would normally do, and ignore the payment page. No explanations are necessary.

Park City, Utah