Welcome to the High Country Fly Fishers website. We are a conservation-oriented fly fishing club located in beautiful Park City, Utah. Except for July, August and September when we shut down to go fishing, we meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Our meeting location varies, so be sure to check the website beforehand and also to sign up for our email newsletter on the Membership page. Old friends and new members are always welcome, so drop by for good conversation, interesting programs and fish stories.

Next Meeting:

November 5, 2014 at 7 p.m.


Redrock Junction at 1640 Redstone Center Drive, Park City, UT 84098


Greg Loomis, who has lived in the Wood River Valley for 35 years and has guided in the area for 32 of those years, will share some of his Silver Creek knowledge with us.

Prez Sez



I don't know about you, but my summer has gone by in a blur. I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and the fish have been willing participants to all your fishing excursions. As much I enjoy the summer, fall is my favorite season. I'm looking forward to the cooler temperatures and the more aggressive fish as the browns gear up for spawning. Along those lines, we have Clark “Cheech” Pierce and Curtis Fry as our speakers for the meeting on October 1. From their website at www.flyfishfood.com:

"Clark (Cheech) is relatively famous from his days as a steer wrestler in Elko Nevada. He ties a few flies now and again. He has tied for about 14 years and has been an innovator for Rainy's flies for several years, providing fishers with their supply of Cheech Leeches and Unsinkabeetles. His most notable accomplishment in fly tying is that he once tied 65 San Juan worms in 20 minutes, and eating a Big Mac in 4 bites.

Curtis has been tying flies for over 20 years. He learned to fish in the mountains and high deserts of Eastern Oregon targeting trout, bass, crappie and catfish. Even though he battles the little known disease of 'hot dog fingers,' he still has amazing dexterity while at the vise.”

Clark and Curtis will be giving us some of their secrets to catching huge fish on streamers. They will also be giving us a dose of fly tying. So, sharpen your pencil, bring your notebooks and be prepared to learn some fly tying and techniques for streamer fishing!

We just finished the Strawberry Project for the year. We planted over 1,200 willows along the banks of the upper Strawberry River to provide better spawning habitat for the cutthroats in Strawberry Reservoir. Thanks to all those who lent a hand. The Provo River Cleanup has been rescheduled for October 11. Look for more info on the website and Facebook as the date approaches.

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