Welcome to the High Country Fly Fishers website. We are a conservation-oriented fly fishing club located in beautiful Park City, Utah. Except for July, August and September when we shut down to go fishing, we meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Old friends and new members are always welcome, so drop by for good conversation, interesting programs and fish stories.

Next Meeting:

June 3, 2015 at 7 p.m. (There is no meeting in May.)


Redrock Junction
1640 Redstone Center Drive, Park City, Utah


Fishing the Yellowstone Back Country with Bruce Staples.

Prez Sez



The temperatures are up, the water is warming up and the fishing is hot. I have not been out much because I’m in the process of moving. But, I still keep my ear to the ground (or river) and I hear that sow bugs are working really well on the Lower Provo and the Mother’s day Caddis hatch is happening on the Weber. Stop by your favorite fly shop and get the latest info and the right flies and you should have a good day on whatever water you fish.

We just finished our annual LC Ranch trip and it was a rousing success! Numerous fish were caught, including some that were pretty big. I know of one 25” brown. If anyone caught a bigger one, send me a pic and we will get it on the website and make you famous. Ann put out a great spread, as usual. I don’t think anyone went home hungry. Everyone I spoke to said they had a great time. Today, we will be holding the last day of the Men’s Clinic, the Ladies’ Clinic will be in 2 weeks, and the Project Healing Waters outing will be held on May 30. If you want to help with any of these events, please send me an email and I will get you all the details.

Please note that their will be NO MEETING in MAY. With the 2 clinics and PHWFF, we are plenty busy. The next meeting will be June 3 featuring Bruce Staples. Bruce will be giving us all the secrets to fishing the Yellowstone Back Country. You really don’t want to miss this one. I can see the trip already: Head up to Island Park for a few days on the Henry’s Fork with a stop to talk to John Stiehl at Trout Hunter (our April speaker) for the up to date info. Then up to Yellowstone to enjoy the back country fishing and all that Yellowstone has to offer, for a few days. I might even round out the trip with some time on the South Fork or even over to the Green for a few days. That really sounds like a good way to spend a week or two.

I can’t close without saying thanks to all the members that have given their time to make HCFF successful in all our endeavors. Thanks you members for helping out at the fly tying classes, the Wasatch Expo, the Men’s Clinic, and the upcoming Ladies’ Clinic and PHWFF outing. I’d also like to thank the Board members for all their hard work in setting up these events and all the work that goes on in the background for these events to happen.

Tight lines,